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In my heart I knew he’d gone, but I waited to see if he would come.


The food he had -  was just given as bait, fixed with poison, so to seal his fate.


I carried on with my pups in tow, Is there nowhere safe where we can go?


We pass some others so cruelly chained we shiver with fear as we see the maimed.


 What is that noise coming from that place ....Another soul being thrown to the waste?


What was his crime? ..it makes no sense there are many there....it’s hot – the stench !!!


 Ouch, I’ve fallen...the kick was hard, my pups have scattered and hide in the  yard


The pain is mixing with the sandfly bite no more can I take, I’m losing the fight.


 Goodbye cruel world....my life is done, the rest will go, by the noose or the gun.


The shelters are full and volunteers few they  try to help us  -  there’s so much to do.




We now have a life full of love, food .... and peace we were saved by  YOUR pennies and 



How do you get rid of your rubbish? Dump it outside for the dustman? Take it to the tip?
In Greece that's how many people get rid of their unwanted animals.
We actually have photos of puppies left on a rubbish tip, and of dumped kittens - one in a dustbin, and another in a flower pot.

Dumped on a rubbish tip & thrown in a dustbin

Very few cats and dogs have responsible owners in Greece, and most have a very short and miserable existence. And although there are animal welfare laws, they are seldom, if ever, enforced, and therefore there are thousands of stray, sick, and injured animals with no access to things we take for granted in Britain:

  • Food and Water
  • Shelter
  • Routine Vaccination
  • Preventative treatments against diseases spread by parasites

Puppies and Kittens are often found discarded in the dustbin with the kitchen waste – just like these

Help us prevent this cruelty

A bitch spay costs 75

A cat spay costs 35

Please make a contribution NOW!

During the tourist season many survive thanks to the tourists, who feel sad at their plight, and feed them scraps. Most tavernas have throngs of stray cats and dogs begging for their existence, but when the tourists leave there is no food supply, and so they die of starvation and disease.
Those that do survive they frequently poisoned - just a normal way of life to so many Greeks, even though this is illegal practice.
There is no sterilization programme, which would improve the situation greatly, but there is no interest in the welfare of animals, either from the authorities, nor from the Greek public.
This results in a constant flow of kittens and puppies to replace the dying adult population, and so the sad cycle starts again, year in, year out.
The lack of vaccinations means that parvovirus and cat flu are very common, and parasite born diseases such as Leishmanisis and Ehrlrichia are prevalent - all being potentially lethal illnesses, especially in sick and starving animals.
Animals suffering with any of these conditions will rarely be offered any veterinary care, as few people bother to help them. The results are truly
shocking.(Note. This link shows a picture that may cause distress.)
Even dogs which have owners are not treated as family pets, as in most of Europe. There are thousands of dogs kept on short chains with no access to shelter. The lucky ones have food and water but otherwise their existence is miserable.
It is difficult for us in Britain to understand why people would own a dog, just to leave it chained up, and how living animals can be treated with such indifference or cruelty.

Thankfully, there are some animal welfare groups trying to alleviate the suffering.
The situation has been described as 'trying to empty an ocean with a teaspoon' , but we believe that every animal spared such suffering worth the effort.
Hopefully, in time, the Greek attitude towards animal welfare will improve, but in the meantime, we shall continue with our efforts.
YOU can help us in any number of ways, both big and small. Use the links above to see how.

We are proud to say that no representative of our charity receives any remuneration whatsoever for their work.  Everyone works as a volunteer and our overheads are kept to a minimum. This ensures that all donations are used for the purpose for which they are intended, to benefit the animals.
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