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The Friends of the Strays of Greece Calendar 2018 is in stock and available to purchase.  It is absolutely stunning and will make an ideal Birthday or Christmas present! 

To order a calendar/s please contact Carolyn at sogdogs@outlook.com stating how many calendars you would like and your name, address and telephone number. The cost is the same as last year, which is £9.99 for a A3 size calendar. Delivery is £3.00 and covers the postage cost of 1 - 4 calendars. Carolyn will confirm the total cost of your order including postage and give you the payment details.



These are the squares that surround the winning photo on each page and they help pay towards the printing costs of the calendars. We have 70 x £5 squares to sell and it will be on a first come, first served basis. This gives everyone a fair chance of ordering a square and guarantees your dog or cat gets in the Calendar. If you are interested in buying a £5 square, please send an email with the numb...er of squares you would like to purchase together with the photo/s you would like to appear in the square/s to Liz at sog.calendar2016@yahoo.co.uk
You may buy 1 square if you have one SOG dog
You may buy 2 squares if you have two SOG dogs
If you have 3 or more SOG dogs, the maximum amount of squares you can buy is three.
You can of course double up on your dogs, (2 dogs in a square) which would be great too. It means more dogs can appear in the calendar!
Each square costs £5 and if you are successful in reserving a square/s, you will then receive an email telling you how to pay. Please send your photo/s through to Liz as quickly as possible, or you can of course use a competition photo of your choice - please just advise Liz which one/s. Unfortunately, we will be unable to let people know when all the 70 squares have been reserved. Many thanks.
The final Judge has now come to a decision and here are the twelve overall winners of the Calendar Competition! Congratulations to you all!
We would like to thank everyone who submitted photos of their wonderful, happy Greek dogs and apologise for the delay in posting the results.
The £5 squares will be going on sale this coming Wednesday 28th June at 7.30 pm for everyone to join in!

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We need your help please!

Our summer events have never been more important as we have to maximise our fundraising in order to get through the difficult winter months. As the exchange rate has dramatically affected the buying power of our funds, we really do need your help.

We are in urgent need of tombola prizes as we are short of 400 prizes just for the Ellingham Show, let alone all our other events. If you can donate any of the following items then we will be very gratefu...l ,,,,,,,

Sweets, chocolates, biscuits, jams, bottles of soft drinks or wines, soaps, shower products, any unwanted gifts will be much appreciated. Alternatively, if it makes the logistics easier, then please consider sending us a gift voucher from perhaps Sainsburys, Tesco or Boots as we can then buy what we need and take advantage of the current special offers. Vouchers can be posted to the charity at Clifford Cross Cottage, Drewsteignton, Exeter EX6 6QD.

Also, June organises wonderful lucky dips for children for which they pay £1 a go. So if you have small, appropriate items that June can wrap then they too will be very gratefully received. We are sure those of you with young children know what they like!

If you can help please email Lyn: lyn.purden@btinternet.com and we can work out the logistics. Thank you in advance for your support.



Well, it has been a very busy time for us and we are now delighted to announce that our charity shop ‘Reigning Cats and Dogs’ will be opening on Tuesday 2 May. The lovely signs have just been completed and the address is 333-335 Charminster Road, Bournemouth BH8 9QR and its opening hours will be Monday-Friday 9.30 am-4.30 pm and Saturdays 10.00 am-4.00 pm. The Manager is Sue Brown and you can contact her via email: suecat335@hotmail.co.uk or just call in and you will be made... very welcome – especially if you buy something! We would like to be able to sell small electrical appliances such as table lamps, etc but we need a volunteer in the area who is qualified to carry out PAT testing for us – can anyone help please? Also, we would like more volunteers to help with extra cover on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday so if you can spare a few hours please contact Sue via email, as above.

If you would like to donate items, we would appreciate it if you didn’t clear your house all in one go as our storeroom is not enormous and we will also be very grateful if you don’t offer us bric a brac which is broken, cracked or chipped as we have to pay to dispose of these things and it rather defeats the object. The shop is happy to accept small items of furniture.

We wish everyone involved the best of luck with this new and exciting venture as it is a really important investment for our charity and one on which many 4-legged lives will be dependant upon. Therefore, as ever, your support will be much appreciated so please spread the word that ‘Reigning Cats and Dogs’ will soon be open for business!

2017 Calendars

WOW, is the only description for them!  They are wonderful, and a massive thank you to Liz and Steve Grayston for the weeks of work they put into them and also to Carolyn who also spends hours administering the ordering and sales.  Thanks to everyone who has already bought calendars but you can still do so by emailing Carolyn at sogdogs@outlook.com stating how many you would like and your name, address and contact number.  She will then confirm the total cost of your order (inc postage) and give you the payment details.  The cost is the same as last year, £9.99 for an A3 size calendar, plus £2.98 delivery.  This amount covers the postal cost of 1-2 calendars.  Should you wish to order 3-4, then the postage increases to £3.98 and for 5 or more it is £5.95.  However, if you don’t have internet access, then please phone your order through to me on 01647 24378.  Calendars will also be available at our Dog Walk, Xmas Fair and other events so please support us and share our pride when looking at the wonderful dogs and cats we have homed.


If you would like to make one very happy by offering him a home then please take a look at the lovely Aslan! You can see from the photos that he was very thin and neglected when he arrived in the Aegina shelter, but he's now looking great. Lyn met him in December and confirms that he is very gentle and affectionate, which is so typical of his breed.
Please take a look at his video and, if you would like more information please either call 01647 24378 or email lyn.purden@btinternet.com and, hopfully, together we will find him the home he truly deserves.

Victims of the Greek financial crisis or just downright neglect and cruelty? 

This dog was found sick and emaciated

Puppies thrown into a dustbin

Pups left in a cardboard box next to the bin, ready for collection by the refuse truck

Found by a tourist, sick and starving

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Here is the front cover of the Friends of the Strays of Greece Calendar 2016! We hope you like it!

Having sold the £5 squares, which has helped towards the cost of having the calendar printed, we will soon be ordering the calendars and so would be really grateful to anyone who would like to pre-order their calendars. The cost is the same as last year, which is £9.99 for a A3 size calendar plus £2.98 delivery. This amount covers the postage cost of 1 - 2 calendars. Should you wish to order 3 - 4 the postage increases to £3.98 and for 5 or more it is £5.95.  

If you would like to pre-order a calendar or calendars, please email Carolyn at sogdogs@outlook.com stating how many calendars you would like and your name, address and telephone number. She will then confirm the total cost of your order including postage and give you the payment details.

We would like to thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you!

Our colleague Gaby, in Aegina, has been working hard to save one of 3 dogs left in a terrible state of neglect when the owners died.  When she discovered them, two of the dogs were already dead, practically eaten alive by ticks, but Daisy survived.  She had a large growth which the vet has removed and, as you can see, she has been shaved.  Will keep you posted


This poor little dog was found abandoned in Aegina.  Her fur was so matted that she had to be shaved and she was covered in parasites.  This has resulted in her being a very sick animal and it is doubtful that she will survive very long

Another abandoned dog, this time in Athens.  He was full of parasites and extremely sick, he passed away within 3 days but at least he died with people who cared


Pointers and other hunting dogs are so abused in Greece, this one was found in Aegina but is now being well cared for at the dog shelter

This dog was abandoned in Athens, his wounds were dreadful but he is doing well in the shelter in Nea Filidelphia where the wonderful ladies are caring for him.

Good news!  Here is one of the bin cats we sterilized in March 2014 – looking really good 2 month’s later!


Cat trapping for neutering – May 2014


Despite atrocious weather, our annual dog show was a huge success!  We just couldn’t believe how many of our supporters turned out to stand in a field and get soaked!  There were smiles and happy faces all round and we had a wonderful day.  Thank you to the Solent Dog Display team and all our volunteers for helping to make it a great event

Thank you to Colin Liddle for taking lots of photos for us – you can download them from the following link and then, if you wish, you can send us a donation!  http://www.caughtintimestudio.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=15543664

Congratuations to Dan for putting aside his fear of heights and doing a sponsored bungee jump for the charity today.  He recently adopted Strolchi a handsome dog from Aegina.  WELL DONE DAN!


Visit to Greece October 2013

Yet again, a visit mixed with hope and total despair.  Hope, in that there were more dogs being taken out on leads and we witnessed more animals being taken to the vets for sterilisation but total despair at the sheer volume of abandoned dogs, cats, kittens and puppies.........................  There were tiny kittens trying to reach into the bins for food and when we distributed food after dark they had to compete with the adults cats, certainly a survival game in the worst possible way.  The shelters that we support were all overflowing with dogs and puppies, some with twice as many animals as ‘usual’ and the wonderful Greek people trying to care for them were at their wits end on how to exist from one day to the next.  We do our best to help but only with your support.


Some good news at last!  Here is little Teddy at our dog walk today.  The poster shows what he looked like when he arrived from Greece a year ago, look at him now!  Well done to his mum Jackie!

Many of you will remember this shocking photo of poor Dionysis who was chained and emaciated.  He was taken to the dog shelter in March 2012 and arrived in the UK earlier this year.  He attended our dog walk today and looks amazing!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters we have been able to supply some much needed new kennels for some of the dogs of Pyrgos so at least they will have some shelter for the winter


The welfare group in Poros work so hard to try and give the strays of their island a chance of a reasonable life.  This poor soul had been on the street for nearly a year.  He was sterilised, micro chipped and vaccinated and was certainly harmless.  Then, this week someone decided to poison him and 2 of his friends.  The Deputy Mayor was particularly uninterested, unhelpful and rude.  The police chief was more sympathetic but still nothing will be done as there were no witnesses.  When will this ever stop!  Please think long and hard before you decide to holiday in Greece.

Please take a look at this film which will give you a good idea of why we need your support! 

Thank you for Sarah Cooper for producing it for us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEv0g1m6ds0&feature=youtu.be

This poor dog was wandering the streets of Aegina for several weeks but was so sick and scared that no one could catch him.  In due course, his illness caused him temporary blindness and this made it easier to take him into care.  As you can see, his transformation is amazing and, although he probably won't have a long life, he is happy, loved and well fed.

GIOVANNI 1 July 2000-1 July 2013

It is with very great sadness that we must say 'Goodbye' to our most wonderful dog 'Giovanni'. So many of the charity friends and supporters knew his wonderful personality and that fantastic 'hound dog' face.  He was an amazing dog who was born in the Wildlife Centre in Aegina but soon realised it wasn't a good place to be.  He was a street dog in Aegina for many years and was lovingly cared for there by Gaby.  He arrived in the UK to live with us in January 2007 and we have been privileged to share his last 6.5 years.

His character was amazing, he would do what he wanted, when he wanted, and he was definitely 'the boss'.  We loved him dearly and are already smiling when we remember the antics he got up to.  It is a very sad day for us, his 13th birthday, but he is now pain free and we hope he is dreaming of chasing the rabbits - a favourite occupation.  Rest in peace our dear boy, Lyn and Mark Purden


Sadly this is always the time of the year that we receive desperate requests for help from tourists who are traumatised by the sight of the stray animals in Greece.  They all say that their holiday was ruined and they will never go back, I hope they don't.  This is part of an email received yesterday: 'I went to use the ATM in Agios Ioannis and I found a dog, at death's door.  I fed her a tin of cat food which is all they had.  A chain and padlock around her neck but roaming free.  She struggles to see, skin and bone, has had pups.  The people said their neighbour left her 6 month's ago.  She is friendly but in a state!!!  Worst I have seen, even in pictures. She came to me, resting her head on my hand, wagging what's left of her hips and when any of the locals gestured to her she flinched and ran.  NO locals want to help, even our hotel, Manthos Blue, Manager won't help.  No one wants the dog near as she is so dirty and neglected I expect.  We fly home tomorrow, thank God.'

We will try to track her down but it won't be easy as she is just one of thousands in the same situation

Tourist Rescues Stray From Rhodes - July 2013

A couple of month's ago we received a call from a distraught tourist in Rhodes who was determined to offer a home to a little stray she had found.

We managed to put her in touch with a local welfare group on the island and they helped with her preparation.  At last the day came when little Sandy arrived and was finally taken home. 

This just proves that dreams can come true!

Good Morning

I realise now from reading your website that you are probably tired of concerned people contacting you re the dog problem there in Greece

I am just back from a week in Tsilivi.  I was so saddened and disturbed. any sun, beaches etc now fade into total insignificance (I spent the week fretting over these animals,!  and unfortunately I am so sorry to say but I will never return to Greece and any of my animal lover friends I will say would be shocked and disturbed to go- up from Tsilivi up to Tragagi 2 lovely dogs tied to trees outside house on road one a little black/brown guy and a furry larger white dog-tied in the heat, then on another road down from Tragaki 2 black dogs tied up on a disused looking building - a primary school with coloured railings is in this area, I appreciate you cannot check everything,

I have never come home from a holiday so distressed and feel so sad for these animals. I applaud your work, but it is amazing to think of tourism and this all side by side, how can the Greek people be so cruel?  I really got such an eye opener on my Greek Holiday, the people of Greece have so let themselves down by their shockingly cruel nature on display all round the islands.  I am sorry to appear so wound up but i am literally back this morning and it is all planted in my memory of Zante, I would love to hear that the issue is improving but from your website the stories appear equally disturbing, and this is not to even mention the miserably thin stray cats jumping in and out of bins.

Kind regards and so much good wishes with your efforts


This poor dog was wrongly accused of killing a chicken and she paid the ultimate price.  She lived with an elderly couple in Zakynthos and a neighbor shot her dead whilst she was still feeding her pups.  Although this barbaric act has been published in local newspapers, probably no further action will be taken as the authorities are not interested.  I have emailed the Greek Embassy in London several times in the past fortnight to complain about this and the poisoned dogs but they don't even have the courtesy to respond


These dogs are just two of TWELVE dogs poisoned in one area last week.  They had been looked after for the past five years by a colleague, they were all sterilized, vaccinated, fed regularly and were no trouble at all. THIS ACT IS ILLEGAL IN GREECE, but no one cares and the authorities try to turn a blind eye.  We are contacting the Greek Embassy in London to complain so please, if you can, email them your distain also.  Unless we shout about it nothing will change.  Greece gives a whole new meaning to 'street cleaning'

and tourists should be aware of what goes on

At the beginning of this year, 6 tiny pups were bundled into a crate in Aegina and tossed into a wooded ravine on a cold, wet night.  Fortunately, their squeals were heard and, after several hours of searching, they were all found and taken into care.  Here are 3 of them and they are all fine and looking for loving homes!

'Did these 2 Greek Dogs win the Lottery?' 


'No, Dennis and Ruby just found a great home in the UK!

What's Happening In Greece.
Old Bill was taken to a vet near Athens and the owner never came back for him.  Hence, he was left in a cage for weeks.  He is very arthritic and just needs a bit of love.


Two dogs were thrown onto the streets in Aegina last summer and one was lucky enough to be taken into care by colleagues after a couple of months and has now made a full recovery.  However, his brother was not so lucky and was lost for more than 6 months.  He was captured in the middle of March

2013 (still with the string attached to his neck) and reunited with his brother, they were very happy to see each other. Let's hope he makes a recovery also.

We recently organized and funded another cat neutering campaign but the volunteers' car broke down.  They didn't give up, they used their bikes instead!

For the very first time in Greece, a man has been sentenced and fined for instigating (and not perpetrating) animal abuse.  On 1 Oct, a dog owner was sentenced in court to one year imprisonment ( suspended for 3 yrs) and a fine of 5000 Euros, for ordering a worker to chain his dog to his car and drag it until 'it melted away'.

Perhaps this shows a glimmer of hope for animal welfare in Greece as many people reported the incident.  As a result, the court case was heard and the dog has survived.

Three years ago my wife and I retired to a wonderful spot in Greece. We have been shocked to find lots of pups discarded wet and hungry in dustbins. So far we have taken in about 15. The locals think we are crazy interfering with the normal way of things.

Yesterday some kind soul fed poisoned food to our dogs, four had to be taken to the vet, hopefully they will recover. This type of thing needs to be given much more attention in the media. Greece needs tourists but this type of thing will put them off coming here.

The law in Greece 4039/2012 states that a dog  'MUST LIVE IN A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT ADAPTED TO HIS NEEDS'.  When visiting Greece it is inevitable that you will see dogs on a very short chain, usually with no shelter, food or water so PLEASE COMPLAIN TO THE POLICE as this is illegal and you are within your rights to try and do something about it.  The misery of chained dogs is poignantly described in this prose written by a Greek animal lover so please don't ignore them.


Here I am I am not sure where that is, but I am not alone,

There are many of us,

If I could count, then I could tell you how many, but I don’t know how and I don’t understand

But one thing I know is that this is a good place,

I am warm I am free to run, to roll, to cuddle up and sleep with the others here like me.

These are happy times, of this I am sure.

Then, one day I was taken from there, away from the others, I was afraid.

I was not very big, how big I do not know.

I was taken to a place, a rope was placed around my neck and the other end to a tree.

I do not know how long the rope is because I don’t know these things,

But I do know that when I jump, it just pulls me back in mid-air.

My neck lunges backward and my feet leave the floor.

I do this every time someone passes by, I hope that one day someone will realize that I am not happy on my rope.

I do not know what my purpose is, here beneath the tree

I have to do my daily business where I am and sometimes it is beneath my feet where I sleep.

I am not the only Creature of the Metre.

I talk all night to the other Creatures of the Metre that also have a small space of freedom.

Sometimes others join in, Creatures without Borders, as we Creatures of the Metre call them.

They tell strange stories of how they go for runs in the big forest, swim in the huge water called the sea, they even say they ride in cars.

They say they are not on a rope but free, that man loves them,

Now that I know what love is, I do not understand such things, but we Creatures of the Metre do not believe these tales from the Creatures without Borders , How could they be true?

But, every day as I try to catch the eye of man, I would pray if I know how, that one day I will become a Creature without Borders.

One night while driving home from a back road we saw a starving puppy in the corner of a neighbour's driveway. The next day we left for a trip. One week later I took a walk and saw the puppy still there. I brought him food and water. He was too weak to walk but managed. The next two days we fed her and she began to get stronger and even began wagging her tail when she saw us. The neighbours caught us feeding her and told us they had called the 'demo' to collect her. They never came. They gave my fiancé' the number and we called the next day.   

An animal control man picked up the dog the next day and told us she would be examined, vaccinated, and sterilized. We called the next day and were told she was healthy and was too young to be sterilized so they would keep her until she was. 

A week later we called and asked to see the dog and was told later that we could not because she was not "an exhibit". We were assured she was doing fine. A few days later we called again to ask to see the dog because we wanted to take her with us. We were referred to the Dimarxio for any information and a "program". 

We went and spoke to a woman on the 3rd floor who told us the dogs are kept in Perithori outside of Tripoli for adoption. I made a comment that I was concerned about animals because I'm an foreigner and not Greek citizen. She apparently took offence and told me the stray dog problem is due to British citizens buying dogs for protection and abandon them. I told her I didn't believe her. She became agitated and stated the EU passed a law that will require all sheltered animals be released, that Greeks will have to release the dogs into the streets. They don't want to do it but will have to. I told her I thought that sounded odd but she assured me it was true. My fiance' took me by the hand and led me out before I could send her and her entire family to hell.

We called the number she gave us and was told by the same man, Mr. Mariolas, that we could not visit the compound where the dogs were. He asked us what kind of dog we wanted, guard dog, shepherd dog etc. We told him we were interested in a house dog. He said he had two young white puppies that had not been sterilized and he would bring them to us. He refused to have us go see the dogs or tell us where they were kept. He told us he would get the dogs and bring them to a location and he would tell us where when he called us later that day. He never called. We called that evening and again the next day but no one answered. 

According to my fiance' every time he called it was the same man who answered the phone, Mr. Mariolas, 694-549-0250.

I'm leaving Tues with a resolved determination to help and spread the word.

Ellen (USA)

We were on holiday in Rhodes island in this July and we are horrified how much there were cats and dogs without home!!! Terrible!!! I have never seen that kind of situation before. I will never travel to Greece again, I just can't. My heart is broken. Can I do something to help those poor animals, I live in Finland? I'm so happy here in Finland we don't have strays at all. Please tell me what can I do, I'm sure all help is welcome.


This disgusting shelter is supported by the Municipality of Kerkyra - they just want to get the dogs off the streets so the tourists don't see them!

The local authorities don't care as long as the tourists are happy.  Help us to close it down. 
More information on

We have never seen such a tortured little dog. Only a 5 kilo little boy.

Your eyes blind with dry blood on them. Your body hairless and full of wounds. Your nails so huge that got into your flesh... You must have not walked for years. You were abandoned long before they left you tied in a cardboard next to a tree being eaten alive by ants.

We took you immediately to the vet. Kalazaar (leismania) and mange were the initial diagnosis. You devoured your food until your last breath. Your photos on the Internet touched so many people. Many people offered fostering and donated money for your treatment, even a British Organization kindly offered to re-home you in England where you would find your own loving family.

Ten days ago a Greek lady offered you a home here in Athens and she has been expecting you with her hug open widely. You would finally meet love, petting, safety. As soon as you would come back from the vet, where you were also diagnosed with hypothyroidism, she would take you home.

But you did not know. And your heart tortured by such a neglect and suffering chose to fly away. You will be safe and painless in dog's heavens now. We cannot believe how sudden you left us, you have not prepared us. We will remember you with love and we hope you felt our care as long as you lived near us.

Farewell our Dear Tom.''

Kiki Karathanassi, Friends of Animals Shelter President.

This poor, very neglected little dog was found by a volunteer in Aegina recently.  She was taken to the dog shelter, shaved and cared for.  She now looks totally different without her parasite infested, matted coat.

This is a photo of a really badly matted dog and another photo of her shaved - she now has a loving home in the UK.

This was Dionysis when his owners were reported for neglect in Aegina earlier this year.  Permission was gained to take him and he was cut free and taken to the local dog shelter where he has been well cared for and is now fully recovered.  Doesn't look like the same dog!

Cats are routinely dumped in dustbins and these were found last week in Skiathos.  The bin bag was securely tied but they were very much alive

Also, in Skiathos last week, this poor soul was found at a feeding station.  She is totally blind having either been hit by a car (although there are no other injuries) or kicked in the face.  All currently in care with Skiathos Cat Rescue

The ‘owners’ of these poor animals have been identified on Aegina and will hopefully face prosecution for animal neglect.  However, these photos could have been taken anywhere in Greece as this type of abuse is common place.

Dogs in Trikala have new kennels but not enough for everyone.  If you would like to donate one for another lucky dog then £80 will cover the cost.


There has been plenty of publicity about this over the past few months but there has been no mention of the innocent victims - the animals.  Here are some photos showing the level of neglect, abuse and abandonment - all taken in the last few weeks.


In the hills just outside the busy port town of Rafina about twenty miles north east of Athens, Vasilis Papandoniou has been running a successful rescue centre that accommodates something in the order of one hundred and fifty dogs. They range from mutts of all shapes and sizes to pedigree Alsatians and Labradors. All these dogs have had the great fortune to have been rescued from the streets of Rafina by Vasilis and his small car.
In addition to his day job with the local authority Vasilis 49, has volunteered his services to run the centre entirely on his own, devoting hours of his free time.
Until last week the Rafina Council has provided funds for the dogs feed in addition to vet nary costs. Without notice or warning the axe has now fallen on this happy canine community. No more money = NO MORE FOOD.
Vasilis, who has devoted most of his life to the care of dogs, is devastated and stricken with panic. All his appeals to the Rafina authorities have fallen on deaf ears.
"I'm desperate" says Vasilis, "It is not the fault of the local authority, it's the whole economic mess.....every time I see the dogs looking up at me, I can't think that they may all be starving very soon."
Current food supplies are due to run out in the middle of September. The food comes as a dry mix in twenty kilo sacks. Each sack costs 11.75 Euros and the hungry dogs munch their way through approximately eighty kilos a day.
George Christopoulos, the Mayor of Rafina confesses " It's true, money is drying up all round and what was laid aside for the dogs' food has run out until the beginning of next year when there will be a new budget. We will then be joining up with our neighboring local authority at Pikermi cutting administration costs. This will provide more for local needs but for now my hands are tied. There is nothing I can do for the dogs."

Friends and private individuals who know of ,Vasilis' brave work with the dogs are all doing something to chip in, but this is in no way enough. Vasilis is now appealing worldwide. At present, most of the dogs are in good shape, neutered, vaccinated and waiting to be adopted but food is the main priority for now.
' Friends of the Strays of Greece'  have learnt of the dogs' plight and are offering to channel any donations marked (Rafina Strays) directly to providing the urgently needed food. 


As a result of Strays of Greece fundraising dog walk recently, we were able to organise a delivery of 2000 kilos of food to this dog shelter.  Thank you to all concerned.

Unbelievable but 'normal' in Greece

This is how so many 'owned' Greek dogs are kept.  Chained in squalid conditions, starved and neglected.  Sadly, this is not unusual.  The option is that the dog stays on the streets and waits to be poisoned or shot - not much of a choice is it?  This one only had clean water because the kind person who took the photo gave it to her with some food.


 On 10 February 2011 someone spread a large quantity of poisoned meat throughout the National Gardens in Athens.  This area is 'home' to hundreds of cats and many dogs that are dumped when their, so called, owners no longer want them.  The animals are sterilised, fed and generally cared for by various voluntary groups and the animals pose no threat to people.  To her despair, one volunteer this morning found the poison and 3 dogs were dead and numerous cats dying.  Someone must know who carried out this despicable act and we would be very keen to prosecute this person for this illegal action.  Any information will be dealt with confidentially. We cannot ignore this practice.


This barbaric way of life is still common in Greece.

Thousands of dogs are still kept chained up all their lives.  This one managed to escape and was rescued by people who care.  The chain was imbedded so deeply into his neck that he needed surgery to remove it (in the photo the chain is on the operating table).  Whilst we have seen this on many occasions, this is clearly the worst example we have experienced.  The dog was probably chained as a puppy but no one bothered with him when he grew big - the chain stayed the same size.  Unbelievable but, sadly, true.


This dog is now making a full recovery but thousands more are not so lucky.

There is another picture that is disturbing and if you would like to see it please click on this text.

Visit to Greece September/October  2010

 In September and October we organised welfare visits to Greece.  As a result, more than 200 animals received essential veterinary treatment.  Here are photos of some of the animals we helped



On Saturday 26 June at 8pm, protests against dog and cat poisoning were held concurrently all over Greece.  We received reports from many supporters saying how well their particular protest march went.  The photo was taken in Aegina and meetings were held with the local authorities and the police during the following week in order to discuss the problem further.  Let's hope that this is the first very important step for the law against poisoning to actually be imposed and not ignored.

An example of what we receive on a daily basis.

 This little dog was found on Friday.  The house in Athens was empty - everyone had moved out but they didn't take the little dog. Just left him chained up to die on the end of a chain.  Fortunately, a kind person heard him whimpering and a colleague climbed the wall and rescued him.  He was, as you can see, badly matted and starving but is now doing well

Latest Victims of Poisoning in Halkidiki

Although the practice of poisoning animals is meant to be illegal in Greece, the authorities are not interested in following up such incidents – so the pain and suffering continues.

  Last week, these 3 dogs were found immediately their plight became evident and they were saved by a local group.  Death by poisoning is horrific and unnecessary and we urge people to report those responsible for such appalling acts

 Last week we received this horrific photograph from a colleague in Crete.  She had organised some of the local stray cats to be sterilised.  The day after her operation, this poor soul was poisoned and died a long and painful death.  What is the point of such barbaric actions?  We must report people who do this.  It is unnecessary and illegal.


Hi, we have just returned from Zante – the stray dog situation there was very very upsetting to us and I was wondering if you could advise of a Centre/shelter or Organisation that I could contact to try and help these poor dogs out please. They are the most wonderful friendly dogs, none of them are spayed so all reproducing obviously making the situation worse and worse. The Hotel we were in was The Caravel in Zante and they are living just down the road from this entrance in a wooden hut, the tourists feed them at the moment, but we caught one of the Restaurant owners kicking one of the dogs, and they are all out in the road, it is an accident waiting to happen – some are limping and all are thin – it is heart breaking, they still have the good nature to come up to you with their tail wagging  hopeful of something to eat. There is a one year old amongst them who has already had a litter of pups, the situation is so dreadful to watch – could you please advise who I could contact to see if I can help these poor dogs please – IS THERE AN ORGANISATION IN GREECE TO HELP THESE POOR WONDERFUL KIND DOGS – IT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE THEY ARE KIND LOVING DOGS LOOKING FOR A HOME – PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

Many thanks Suzanne Darby


Trying to get a drink from the stand of an umbrella stand, and we saw this dog being kicked by the waiter of the Indian restaurant next to where this dog is lying – we went absolutely mad with him – he may have been poisoned!.

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